WSTNet at WWW2017

WWW 2017 LogoThe Web Observatory ran a Workshop and there was a good number of presentations from GESIS/WeST Koblenz and other WSTNet Labs at the prestigious WWW2017 Conference in Perth last week.

GESIS/WeST Koblenz Dr Claudia Wagner Sampling from Social Networks with Attributes
 GESIS/WeST Koblenz Dimitar Dimitrov What Makes a Link Successful on Wikipedia?
 GESIS/WeST Koblenz Dr Philip Singer Why We Read Wikipedia
 GESIS/WeST Koblenz Lisette Espín Noboa How Users Explore Ontologies on the Web: A Study of NCBO’s BioPortal Usage Logs
INRIA Dolière Francis Some On the Content Security Policy Violations due to the Same-Origin Policy
MIT Media Lab Professor Alex ‘Sandy’ Pentland (co-author) DeepMood: Forecasting Depressed Mood Based on Self-Reported Histories via Recurrent Neural Networks
NUS-Extreme-Tsinghua (NExT) Dr Xiangnan HE Neural Collaborative Filtering