Brave Conversations

Brave Conversations

Circulated on behalf of Anni Rowland-Campbell

Dear Colleagues

I am writing to invite you to join us for our forthcoming Brave Conversations ( which we have designed to complement the 2019 Web Science Conference.

Brave Conversations Boston follows on from events we have held in Canberra, Australia (2017), London (2018), Dubai (2018) and Kingston, Jamaica (2018) and we have future events planned for Melbourne and London (2019) and a number of cities in the European Union.

Brave Conversations is designed to quite deliberately bring together people from all walks of life, ages and stages – from academia, government, the commercial world, school and university students, retirees – and take them through a guided process of exploring how The Web has changed the World, and the World has changed the Web.

The format is an intimate setting of 60 – 70 people on tables of 8, each with a moderator / facilitator.  The process of the the day will be to investigate how the balance between technology, culture and society (the polity) is currently playing out as information technologies become more embedded in our everyday systems and processes.  Each table will be deliberately designed to be as diverse as possible in terms of age, experience, discipline, and background..

The conversations will be guided by the facilitators who will guide each team as they explore this balance, and then consider different options to achieve it, making explicit the values-based choices they have made, and why they have made them.

There will be no formal presentations … we ask that all involved bring their attention, their experience and expertise, their views on the world and their intuition about where it is heading.

Given the work that we at Web Science have been doing, in particular the recent essay by Professor Wendy Hall and Dr Kieron O’Hara in their “Four Internets” paper (see which has garnered a lot of attention in the UK, It is not only timely, but crucial that these conversations are brought to the public domain and don’t just reside in academia.

We are hoping that this will be more than a conversation but will lead to everyone present asking themselves what can they do as an individual, as part of a family and community, and as part of the global community, to have a positive impact on the future of humanity.

We would love to extend this invitation to you and any others you may know who may be interested – including friends and family, young and old/er!

If you would like to find out more please contact Anni Rowland-Campbell ( or register at

We would love you to join us!